Disrupting  Business


Data Analytics

Financial Services


Solutions for financial institutions addressing customer centric challenges.


Our services and solutions provide efficiency and intelligence in the data analytics, crm  and mobility areas.



Strategic business development and optimizing subscriber base offerings are possible with us.


Analysing huge volume of data and having self-service business intelligence becoming more easy with our solutions



Understanding every aspect of your business, analyzing all of your customers’ activities and getting important insights are very easy with our solutions..

Find answers quickly for your critical business



Innovative services and solutions help health providers for improving quality of care and monitoring patients.

Combination of business insurance and healthcare generates healtier life for the community





Create individual strategy for each  customer
Touch the customers in every channel and improve the satisfaction within valuable interactions.
E-Health / M-Health
Healthcare is becoming more predictive, preventative, precise and personal
 Shift towards a value-based personalised business model 
BI & Big Data Analytics

Disrupt the data analytics within new generation technology instead of traditional approach with Looker


Minimise the dependency to the IT and build your data model  easily and quickly.

Transform existing applications into mobile app.
Enhance your application’s capabilities within functionalities of smart devices by using our new generation solutions.

About Us

Company Overview

ONDATA is established by passionate engineers having extensive business and technology know-how with more than 15 years in different industries.

Data analytics and technology solutions constitute the main areas of its business.

ONDATA has worldwide known solutions in the product portfolio. Global companies increasing their data-driven decisions with the support of these products.


Providing focused business consultancy together with these solutions is the boutique service of the company.

Our Approach


Understanding the business requirements of enterprises and reshaping their future with innovative solutions drives the approach of the company.

  • Identifying business gaps

  • Researching new technologies

  • Positioning smart solutions with tailor made consultancy


are the main elements of business manner. As a matter of course data analytics takes place on the top of all the solutions.



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